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> chewie54 wrote:
> > What would be the best cross-platform GUI library to use for a vector
> > based CAD program ( something like Visio on Windows )   WxWidgets,
> > Tk,   PyQt,  Java Swing,  Java SWT,????   I need the capibility to
> > draw and edit in a window that looks like a page of paper so WYSIWYG
> > is very important,  and I need to save the drawings in vector based
> > file formats like PS, EPS,  SVG, as well as image formats like jpg,
> > png, and gif.  Also, the images need to be high resolution so that
> > they can be pasted into various other programs in Windows OS,  and
> > Linux OS,  and the Mac OS.
> PyQt/Qt4 is capable of that (SVG export was added in Qt4.3).
> I have a graph drawing application based around it (Veusz).
> If you base everything around QPainter, you'll be able to write to any of
> those output formats (including eps and pdf), and bitmaps. Antialiasing is
> optional for bitmap formats.
> Jeremy
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> Jeremy Sanders


I looked at your application, Veusz (it looks very nice),  and I see
you have binary distrubitions
for each os.  Is is difficult to build these binaries for each
system.  Could
you tell me how that is done?


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