Steven Bethard steven.bethard at
Fri Aug 31 19:09:54 CEST 2007

Sönmez Kartal wrote:
> On 31 A ustos, 04:24, Steven Bethard <steven.beth... at> wrote:
>> Sönmez Kartal wrote:
>>> I've had an encoding issue and solved it by
>>> "sys.setdefaultencoding('utf-8')"...
>>> My first try wasn't successful since setdefaultencoding is not named
>>> when I imported sys module. After, I import sys module, I needed to
>>> write "reload(sys)" also.
>>> I wonder why we need to call "reload(sys)" to get setdefaultencoding
>>> named?
>> sys.setdefaultencoding is purposely deleted from the sys module after
>> it's loaded because you really shouldn't be using it. The reload() call
>> restores the deleted attribute.
>> If you'd like a less brittle solution to your encoding issue, explain
>> what the issue was, and people here can probably help you find a better
>> solution.
>> STeVe
> I was using the XMLBuilder( I'm writing XML files as
> "f.write(str(xml))". At execution of that line, it gives error with
> description, configure your default encoding...

Could you post the actual traceback you're getting?


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