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Sat Aug 4 23:37:17 CEST 2007

chernevik at wrote:

> Here is a newbie question: how do I get the server examples in the
> Preview chapter of  "Progamming Python" (Lutz) to run?  The code is
> supposed to be a little webserver on which to run examples, but when I
> run it it I get "permission denied".  Running it as root gets "address
> already in use".

The first error is because non-root users cannot bind to ports lower 
than 1024.  The second error means just what it says:  The address is 
already in use, so you can't bind to port 80.  Something else is already 
bound to it; probably you have an HTTP server already running as part of 
your default software installation and don't realize it.

Choose another port.

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