win32com problem: more than one instance

Stefan Schukat SSchukat at
Fri Aug 31 18:05:37 CEST 2007

Hello Thomas, 

excel registers its COM objects with REGCLS_SINGLEUSE that means one COM
object is created
per process. In Solidworks it seems that that they register with
on process can serve more than one COM object. Hence you have no chance
to get multiple instances
running in any COM client. 


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> Thomas Rademacher wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I start my script simultaneously in any 
> dos-shells several 
> > times. But I get every time the same solidworks instance.
> > I see in the proccess (task) manager only one 
> solidworks.exe Therefore 
> > I get for all simultaneous conversions the same output file.
> I *think* -- and I'm really hoping someone more knowledgeable 
> can chip in here -- that it's down to the particular COM 
> object implementation. ie Excel may choose to offer you 
> separate instances (or whatever they're called) while 
> SolidWorks may not.
> --

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