try/finally exceptions dying

stephen.y4ng at stephen.y4ng at
Tue Aug 14 21:09:51 CEST 2007

Hello all,

In order to churn through a whole bunch of data sets (some good, some
bad..) and get all the errors at the end, (the data will be updated to
make it all good later on) I implemented a try/finally block with a
higher level handler to catch errors before they propagate to the
default handler and crash the program. Something like this:

def doStuff(args):
  if(args says we should keep going):
       update args
       doStuff(updated args)

 def runWithErrorHandling():
   except (exception1, exception2), data:
       <handle exception here...>
       append exception data to a list of errors


unfortunately, this churns through all the data and I only get the
last exception that occurred in the error list, not all of them, as I
expected. What is going on? I thought finally always propagated the
exception all the way up the stack until it was handled.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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