Best programs written completly in Python

Campbell Barton cbarton at
Sun Aug 5 13:31:23 CEST 2007

O.R.Senthil Kumaran wrote:
> * Franz Steinh?usler <franz.steinhaeusler at> [2007-08-05 12:14:38]:
>> wWhat are the best programs in your opinion, written entirly
>> in pyhton, divided into categories like:
>> a) Games
>> b) Utilities/System
>> c) Office
>> d) Web/Newsreader/Mail/Browser
> Its a difficult question to answer as the software are aplenty and there is no
> judgement basis as this one is the best.
> Head on to and see for yourself for programs under each
> category.
> And moreover, "written entirely in python" is a constrain to find the
> programs. Why do you need such a list for?

Of course this is totally objective, but that dosnt mean its not a valid 

If you were starting out a project were thinking of writing it in 
python, you might want to look at whats out there - maybe python has 
limitations which stops it being a good choice in some situations (for 
instance?)- on the other hand you might want to see some shining 
examples that prove the capabilities of python ;)

'Being written entirely in python' - is a bit tricky, often these 
applications rely on some specific extension or make heavy use of a 
backend that dosnt come with python (like pygame, pygtk, or py-gstreamer).

Games - See Pygame


* meld is a really nice diffing tool for linux -
* ubuntu have some of their install tools in python.
* txt2tags - a great markup language for doc writing. -
* sound recording/editing -

Office?? - no idea, openoffice can be scripted in python.

Web - * isnt bit torrent python?, probably lots of stuff but I dont know 
of them ;)

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