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Aside from method mentioned by Tom, you can invoke
your script through command line:

C:\Python24\bin\python.exe file-to-sort.txt result-file.txt

2007/8/21, subeen <tamim.shahriar at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I am a newcomer in Python.  I am going to write a small Python
> application that will run in windows xp. This application needs to
> have GUI. Is it possible to make a C# application using visual studio
> 2005 that will call the python scripts? Let me explain more here:
> My program will generate a text file of 100 - 100000 random integers,
> and sort those using various sorting methods. Now I have written
> separate sorting scripts in Python (quick sort, insertion sort etc.).
> But I want to write the GUI and number generation program in C#.net.
> When the user clicks Quick Sort button, the quicksort.py will be
> called and it will sort the numbers.
> regards,
> Subeen
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