Symbolic Link

mosscliffe at
Sun Aug 19 00:14:56 CEST 2007

I am trying to create a link to a file, which I can then use in an
HTML page.

The system is Linux on a hosted web service, running python 2.3.
Other than that I have no knowledge of the system.

The link is created OK, but when I try to use it as filename for the
IMG TAG, it does not get displayed.  The page source of the created
page is pointing to the link as temp/test1.jpg

Any ideas ?

srcFile = "temp/test2.jpg"

linkFile = "temp/test1.jpg"

if os.path.islink(linkFile):
    print "Link Exists", nl
    print "Making Link", nl
    os.symlink(srcFile, linkFile)

print '<BR><img src="%s">the image</IMG><BR><BR>' % linkFile

print '<img src="%s">the image</IMG>' % srcFile

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