What's on at APL 2007, Montreal, October 21, (Tutorials) 22, 23 (Program)

Mike Kent mkent at acm.org
Fri Aug 31 08:07:54 CEST 2007

( Details and abstracts coming to the APL 2007 web page


   shortly.  In the meantime ... )

Tutorials and workshops

     Introduction to APL (Ray Polivka)

     OO for APLers, APL for OOers (Dan Baronet)

     ... others in the works


    No Experience Necessary:
    Hire for Aptitude - Train for Skills
         (Brooke Allen)

     Compiling APL with APEX
         (Robert Bernecky)

     APL, Bioinformatics, Cancer Research
         (Ken Fordyce)

     Generic Programming on Nesting Structure
         (Stephan Herhut, Sven-Bodo Scholz, Clemens Grelck)

     Interactive Array-Based Languages and Financial Research
         (Devon McCormick)

     Array vs Non-Array Approaches to Programming Problems
         (Devon McCormick)

     Design Issues in APL/OO Interfacing
         (Richard Nabavi)

     Arrays of Objects, or Arrays within Objects
         (Richard Nabavi)

     Competing, with J
         (John Randall)

Plus representatives of vendors:

	Dyalog  --  IBM  --  MicroAPL

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