Something in the function tutorial confused me.

Steve Holden steve at
Thu Aug 9 03:26:51 CEST 2007

greg wrote:
> Steve Holden wrote:
>> For some reason your reply got right up my nose,
> I'm sorry about that. Sometimes it's hard to judge the
> level of experience with Python that a poster has. In
> discussions about this particular topic, often it turns
> out that the person is a newcomer to Python who is
> using the wrong mental model of assignment, and your
> comment about None being immutable suggested that this
> is what was going on. If I was mistaken about that,
> then I apologise.
No worries. I've been subjected to far worse.

> While it may not have been what you meant, what you
> *seemed* to be saying is that the result of a (plain)
> assignment somehow depends on what was previously
> bound to the name being assigned. I was just trying
> to point out that this is not true.
I must have expressed myself badly, then.

> The reason I suggested trying an example is that it
> can be hard to talk about these things clearly when
> you're not sure whether the words you're using, such
> as "assignment", mean the same thing to the person
> on the other end. The interpreter always interprets
> things unambiguously.
Sure. Don't worry, I was pretty sure it was as much me as you. Otherwise 
I'd doubtless have been more obnoxious :-)

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