Getting the result of a process after exec*()

AndrewTK atkedzierski at
Fri Aug 17 16:33:16 CEST 2007


I am trying to write a Python script that takes a ZIP file from a web
form (using CGI) and uses either of the UN*X unzip, gunzip, tar,
bunzip2 utilities to expand it.

I can use Python to save the script to disk; but processing it is
another matter. If for example I have received a *.tar.gz file, I need
to first pass it through gunzip; then through the tar utility. I also
want to process the resulting directory.

The problem for me is this: once an external process is called via
exec*() the script has effectively fulfilled its task. Is there any
way one can process a file with an external process and continue
further processing in Python; /once the external processing is

Many thanks,


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