Python equivalent of Perl's $/

John K Masters johnmasters at
Mon Aug 20 21:06:55 CEST 2007

On 10:30 Mon 20 Aug     , Nick Craig-Wood wrote:
> Something like this maybe?
> import re
> input_data = """I am currently working my way through Jeffrey Friedl's book Mastering
> Regular Expressions. Great book apart from the fact it uses Perl for the
> examples.
> One particular expression that interests me is '$/ = ".\\n"' which,
> rather than splitting a file into lines, splits on a period-newline
> boundary. Combined with Perl's 'while (<>)' construct this seems a great
> way to process the files I am interested in.
> Without wishing to start a flame war, is there a way to do this in Python?
> """
> for para in re.split(r"\.\n", input_data):
>     print "para = %r" % para

Thanks, that looks promising. The Perl examples are really confusing
sometimes and throw me off the track of the obvious Python way. That
said, the Python documentation does not always make it clear, at least
not to me, how to get the result one wants.

Regards, John
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