Issues of state (was: Tkinter or wxpython?)

Cameron Laird claird at
Tue Aug 7 15:43:12 CEST 2007

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Chris Mellon <arkanes at> wrote:
		[scores of lines
		of vigorous debate]
>Moreover, if you *don't* need global access or zero-deployment
>(zero-deployment is always nice but most environments where you can
>reasonably force a specific browser and version also have IT
>infrastructure), then you should ask yourself if forcing your
>application in the web app model (I haven't even touched on the whole
>stateless HTTP being mapped to a stateful environment issue, or the
>need to manage the local web server) actually buys you anything. I
Go ahead:  touch on statefulness.  I've been pondering the topic
lately, and wonder what's new on the subject.  I find it plenty
difficult to cast this as anything but a big liability for the
Web app team.

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