Python and Tkinter Programming--Expensive!

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Mon Aug 20 09:50:15 CEST 2007

On 17 Aug, 18:59, "W. Watson" <wolf_tra... at> wrote:
> Why is the book in Subject (author is Grayson) so expensive? $100 on Amazon
> and $195 on ABE. Aren't there alternatives?
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I got hold of a copy a couple of years ago via my public library, and
quite frankly didn't find it much use.  It was too brief on the
basics, and the bulk of the book was taken up with a description of an
extension called Python Megawidgets.  Such Tkinter knowledge as I have
acquired came from Frederik Lundh's tutorial, which is free!

I recorded my experiences here:

Surprisingly the address is still valid, as I stoped that isp
subscription about a year ago.  But the email I cite there has been
abandoned to spam now.


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