Python script for mobile platforms -- suggested?

Jay Loden python at
Tue Aug 14 05:33:08 CEST 2007

Robert Dailey wrote:
>     I'm currently developing a game for a cell phone. The game has a GUI
>     system that's currently using XML to define the individual menus.
>     Basically this means that for every single menu the user goes to, it
>     loads and parses an XML file. Would using Python Script instead of
>     XML be a reasonable replacement, or would it be even slower? I've
>     read various articles online but I'm still curious to hear what
>     everyone has to say here.

A number of questions come to mind...for starters:

1) What is parsing the XML now? C code? Python? 
2) What is the proposed python script supposed to do when they load the menu? without knowing that or seeing some sample code or details, that's an impossible question to answer, since an arbitrary Python script might take milliseconds, seconds, hours, or days to complete running.

It might help if you give a concrete example (code is always welcome!) and explained exactly what the options are that you're considering and why. Then the folks on the list can try to give you a rough estimate or possibly suggest alternative methods you may not have considered. 


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