Sat Aug 4 04:16:43 CEST 2007

On Aug 2, 6:24 pm, "Dennis" <altayd... at> wrote:
> HI All,
> i am a 4th year business student and i took web design online course
> for fun however i did not see that last 2 chapters were python
> programming.This has no relevance to my major nor does it have any
> contribution to my degree. My fun turned out to be my nightmare since
> i literally can not grasp the main idea like other computer science
> students. To sum up , i need help with the following code, please do
> not send me emails telling me that outside class help is not provided
> or etc, this is not my major related course and this might also affect
> my graduation date.
> This is the working sample program ;
> If interested please email me, i am ready to make it up for your time
> that you spend to get me out of this mess.
> thanks

What exactly do you need done? Be more specific instead of just
pasting a link to a page
Also, you might want to state how much you are willing to 'compensate'
Maybe you will get more responses this way :)

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