EXCELLENT advice on "foreign brides"

bstevens at rock.com bstevens at rock.com
Thu Aug 9 02:51:21 CEST 2007

You've seen them a million times: those fascinating web sites with
thousands of pictures of foreign women, many of them incredibly
beautiful, and every one of them saying she is "looking for a kind,
gentle man who will love me," and likes "cooking, sewing, and making a
cozy home" and "walking and holding hands on the beach at sunset."

No, this is NOT about "mail order brides." There is NO SUCH THING as a
mail order bride. That's a total fiction.

But these women ARE real, and would welcome the chance to marry
a halfway decent man. This IS about how to find and meet someone
you can be happy with, and find that love and companionship you've
always longed for. Please take a minute to visit the website; it
explains everything.


Bill S.

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