Submit web form only client-side with Python? COM?

goldtech goldtech at
Sat Aug 4 21:58:45 CEST 2007

Say I have have an HTML form , the user hits the submit button and I
what text they enetered into a HTML form field is written to a file.

But I don't have PHP, JAVA the usual client or server sided layers to
write the data to a file, and I'm not to keen on JavaScript. Note: I
can not add or download anything, I must use what I have.

But I have Python 2.1 and I'm on a WinXP desktop with the,
and usual active-x objects, MS-Office ect - what'd normally locally on
an XP work station.

So I can present the user with an HTML form in it - but how can I
write the form data to a local file on my work station?

If there isn't a web form way, could there be another way to get a box
to come up with input fields with the capability to submit the data to
a file?

Lee G.

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