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Marco Nawijn nawijn at
Wed Aug 29 15:17:33 CEST 2007

On Aug 29, 3:03 pm, "Marshall T. Vandegrift" <llas... at>
> Marco Nawijn <naw... at> writes:
> > The problem I face is that the implementation of the application class
> > is completely different for the local and remote case. The local case
> > is a straightforward implemenation using the subprocess module, the
> > remote case is a CORBA implementation. Somehow I would like to switch
> > from implementation class at runtime depending on whether or not the
> > host parameter is specified or not.
> > The Application, local implementation and remote implementation all
> > have the same interface, so a possibility might be something like the
> > following:
> <snipped example>
> > To me forwarding each call in the Application class looks a little bit
> > redundant and I would like to get rid of it. Does anyone have any
> > comments or suggestions? Can metaclass programming come to rescue?
> It sounds like you could probably get away with just a factory function:
>     def Application(program, host=None):
>         if host is None:
>             return LocalApplication(program)
>         else:
>             return RemoteApplication(program, host)
> Then just implement the same interface and/or derive from a common base
> class for LocalApplication and RemoteApplication.
> HTH!,
> -Marshall

Thanks! This makes perfect sense. (In these moments I always wonder
why I didn't come up
with this idea...)

Thanks again.



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