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André Martins wrote:
>>  I know I can use a variable in regular expressions. I want to use a
>>  regex to find something based on the beginning of the string. I am
>>  using yesterday's date to find all of my data from yesterday.
>>  Yesterday's date is 20070731, and assigned to the variable
>>  "yesterday_date". I want to loop thru a directory and find all of the
>>  yesterday's data ONLY IF the feature class has the date at the
>>  BEGINNING of the filename.
> If i understood, you have directores with files named 20070731, 20070722 ...
> So, what about:
> import os
> yesterday_date = '20070731'
> list = os.listdir (dir)
> for x in [x for x in list if x.startswith( yesterday_date ) ]:
>     print x
> Is  not a option?
If it works it's an option! Regular expressions should usually be a last 
resort, and the solution above seems perfectly acceptable to me.

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