libpq.dll for pgdb

Tim Roberts timr at
Sun Aug 5 03:51:04 CEST 2007

ekzept <bayesianlogic at> wrote:
>the module PGDB which gives Python access to PostgreSql currently
>wants for a copy of a properly located or proper libpq.dll library, on
>anyone know what the current story on this is?

The story?  libpq.dll is the Postgres API interface library on Windows.
pgdb is a relatively thin Python wrapping of this generic API.  Pgdb is
ordinarily distributed as part of Postgres, so when you build it, you are
also building libpq.dll.

There are better choices than pgdb.  You might go searching for psycopg.
You'll still need libpq.  Here's one place to get it:
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