'REPL' style IDE

pyscottishguy at hotmail.com pyscottishguy at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 22 00:11:57 CEST 2007

How about embedding ipython in your script with:

from IPython.Shell import IPShellEmbed

ipshell = IPShellEmbed()

** your set up code **

ipshell() # this call anywhere in your program will start IPython

see: http://ipython.scipy.org/doc/manual/node9.html#sec:embed

Here are some ipython tips: http://ipython.scipy.org/doc/manual/node4.html

Another option is to set up Wing so that it attaches to a process that
is started externally (http://wingware.com/doc/debug/importing-the-

So... in one window you can run your code that sets up everything and
then displays the ipython CLI - and in the other window you have
WingIDE where you can set your breakpoints and use the GUI.

Is this what you're looking for?

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