No module named DBUtils.PooledDB

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Thu Aug 2 11:29:13 CEST 2007

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Date: Aug 2, 11:37 am
Subject: No module named DBUtils.PooledDB
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Hi all
       I have used DBUtil with python2.4. when we run to program in
dos command ,successfully run but when we run in apache server
(locally)with modepython then given error.Pls  help me

#import pgdb # import used DB-API 2 module
from DBUtils.PooledDB import PooledDB
import MySQLdb
#from mod_python import util
class Connection:

	def getConnection(self):
		pool = PooledDB(MySQLdb, 20,
db='ratingtool',host="localhost",port=3306, user="xwiki",
		conn = pool.connection()
		return conn

No module named DBUtils.PooledDB

cp mishra

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