Client-side HTML form processing with Python?

Paul Rubin http
Sun Aug 5 00:08:40 CEST 2007

goldtech <goldtech at> writes:
> I have no client or server side tools like PHP, JAVA. I don't know
> JavaScript. I can not add anything to the workstation I am using. It's
> going to have to be a client-side solution - there's no CGI on the
> server, no PHP.

Oh wait, you're trying to write html on a remote web server that saves
files on the client?  Hmm, what browser?  Anyway you're going to have
to use browser scripting and use browser-dependent mechanisms to get
the user's permission to access the file system.  It is messy but
necessary.  Granting arbitrary file system access to remote web
servers would be a huge security hole.

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