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> On Aug 2, 10:46 pm, zxo102 <zxo... at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >     I am new in GIS area and need your suggestions for where I can
> > start from.  I have a python based web application with a database.
> > Now I would like to add a GIS map into my application. When a user
> > clicks a certain area in the GIS map, it can grab the data from the
> > database via my python based application. Do I have to use MapServer
> > or Grass or some other  backends for this purpose?
> >    Thanks  a lot.
> > Ouyang
> While I am not a part of our GIS department, they use ArcGIS which has
> Python support built in. If that's what you're using, you should be
> able to use the examples given on ESRI's website:
> Hmmm...not much there. Here are some other links I found:
> I don't know if these will be much help. You really need to just dig
> in and start coding. I would recommend "Programming Python 3rd Ed." by
> Lutz if you want something in hard copy. "Dive Into Python" is a free
> book that's online that I'm told is very good. Both have good
> examples, some of which are involved. All the web oriented Python
> books are a few years old, but the code in them still works, for the
> most part.
> Mike

Mike, Thanks for your suggestion. I am looking for a python GIS
package (without any other GIS backends like mapserver) which can be
simply imported into my current python web application. I am not sure
if it is available. So far, the close one I found is Python
Cartographic Lab. But I can not find any examples for PCL. Anyway, I
am still on the way of the deep learning curve for GIS.


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