boolean operations on sets

Thomas Jollans thomas at
Mon Aug 6 17:30:08 CEST 2007

On Monday 06 August 2007, Flavio wrote:
> So My question is: Why has this been implemented in this way? I can
> see this confusing many newbies...

I did not implement this, so I cannot say, but it does have useful 
side-effects, for example:

x = A or B

is equivalent to:

if A:
  x = A
  x = B

also, in python implementations without the (y if x else z) syntax, you can 
use (x and y or z) with nearly the same result*. Also, this implementation of 
and/or might well be faster ;-)

*: this doesn't work the same if y is a false value; (x and [y] or [z])[0] is
   less readable, but works for all y

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