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On 19 aug 2007, at 00.22, Jack wrote:

> Hi all, I need to do syntax parsing of simple naturual languages,
> for example, "weather of London" or "what is the time", simple
> things like these, with Unicode support in the syntax.
> In Java, there are JavaCC, Antlr, etc. I wonder what people use
> in Python? Antlr also has Python support but I'm not sure how good
> it is. Comments/hints are welcome.
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	Antlr can generate Python code.
However, I don't think a parser generator is suitable for generating  
natural language parsers.
They are intended to generate code for computer language parsers.
	However, for examples on parsing imperative English sentences, I  
suggest taking a look
at the class library for TADS 3 (Text Adventure Development System)  
	The lanuge has a syntax reminding of c++ and Java.
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