Creating a multi-tier client/server application

Goldfish gregturn at
Wed Aug 29 16:36:45 CEST 2007

Perhaps Spring Python can help you out (http://springpython.python- It reuses technologies like Pyro for remoting, offers
database templates, has a plugable security component, an AOP solution
should the need arise, an IoC container, and has a couple of web-app
demos using CherryPy. Of course, you can use whatever web stack you
want. I just picked CherryPy to demo things.

Each component of Spring Python is optional, and you can use it
through the IoC container, or programatically. This might help you
leverage development of an enterprise app.

BTW, I have plans to implement a wxPython front end sample app. I just
haven't done it yet.

Good luck!

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