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Tue Aug 7 17:21:31 CEST 2007

On Aug 7, 9:48 am, "mclaugb" <mcla... at> wrote:
> Hello ALl,
> I have a compiled program "conv.exe" that works as follows:>>conv.exe
> -----------------------------
> Please selection from the following options.  press "h" for help, "p" for
> print, "r" for readfile.
> Enter your request now:
> ...
> --------------------
> Is there a way to script python using the subprocess method to start this
> program "conv.exe" and then send a "r" to the command line to make it, say,
> readfile.
> I have tried the following but the .communicate("r) is not doing anything
> import subprocess
> import time
> a=subprocess.Popen("c:\\mcml\\conv.exe")
> time.sleep(1)
> (stdout, stderr) = a.communicate("r")
> Many thanks,
> Bryan

Use the sys.argv method. In the code that you have compiled, put the
following lines in:


import sys
default = sys.argv[1]
if default:
   # check which option it is and run it appropriately
   # print your menu here


Then you should be able to do the subprocess Popen command:

subprocess.Popen("c:\\mcml\\conv.exe r")

You may need to turn the shell on...

subprocess.Popen("c:\\mcml\\conv.exe r", shell=True)

Hopefully that gives you some ideas anyway.


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