Eclipse/PyDev question.

hg hg at
Sat Aug 4 00:34:26 CEST 2007

king kikapu wrote:

> Hi,
> this is actually a question to those of us who use Eclipse and Pydev
> as their main Python developing environment. As i use Eclipse (3.3
> Europa) only for Python and i have nothing to do with Java, is there a
> way to disable/uninstall some Java-specific stuff and make the
> environment actually more snappy ??
> thanks for any help
I like pydev and purchased the extensions ... there are bugs of course but
what stopped me from using it is a project were I had some very large files
(my fault).

I stopped using it and went for wing dev (I need Windows and Linux access)
and "there are bugs of course" ... but it is snappier.

I still like pydev and will try it again ... once I can afford a faster PC /
or have the time to re-factor my code.

PS: I just got today news about a "free" version of wing dev .. .worth the


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