Wing IDE for Python v. 3.0 beta1 released

Joshua J. Kugler joshua at
Wed Aug 1 23:45:51 CEST 2007

On Wednesday 01 August 2007 13:28, John K Masters wrote:

> On 15:34 Tue 31 Jul     , Wingware wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm happy to announce the first beta release of Wing IDE 3.0.  It is
>> available from
> If their support for paid customers is anything like their support for
> prospective customers then I would leave well alone.

I've had excellent support from them.  I'm sorry to hear your experiences
have not been stellar.  Questions submitted to the bug or comment list
usually get a response in one day or less.  And there are frequently
respones by WingWare people to just about every question asked on the
WingWare mailing list.

> I have been trying wing for a few days but have noticed that
> auto-completion does not work on all modules. I submitted this to wing
> and was told that probably my PYTHONPATH was wrong.

It may also not work if the IDE isn't sure what kind of object you are
dealing with.  You can "clarify" this as documented with an
assert(isinstance()) statement.

> I subsequently submitted a question about the licensing, i.e. whether I
> could use wing on a home setup using Debian Etch, where I develop my
> apps, and a work setup, using Debian Etch, with no net access.


"Each Wing IDE user may run Wing on as many machines as needed for their own
work, for all the operating systems which they have licensed. In order to
reduce casual license sharing, which is a unfortunately a problem for small
businesses like Wingware, licenses must be activated after installation on
each machine."

"We've worked hard to make this flexible and forgiving for valid customers.
For example, reinstalling an OS and/or altering hardware usually should not
break your activation. Also, activation can be done directly from Wing IDE
and off-line activation is available if your machine does not have TCP port
80 (http) access to Each license is allowed three activations
by default and more can be obtained on request from identifiable

> So far I have had no response

I tend to let questions slide when they are answered in the documentation or
on the web site.  Maybe the Wing developers/support personnel are the same


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