introspection and functions

Scott David Daniels daniels at
Thu Aug 23 05:53:23 CEST 2007

yagyala wrote:
> Hi. I would like to be able to tell, at run time, how many parameters
> a function requires. Ideally I would like to be able to tell which are
> optional as well. I've tried looking at the functions attributes, but
> haven't found one that helps in this. How can I do this?
> Thanks
This really only will work for those functions that are simply
constructed.  You are better off not trying to do this, or code
like the following will confound your code:

     from functools import partial

     def somefunction(a=23, b=14, c='hi'):
         print 'Finally'

     f = partial(somefunction, b=13)
     g = partial(f, a=19)
     h = partial(g, c=123)
     print whatargs(h)

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