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Thu Aug 30 20:40:19 CEST 2007

zzbbaadd at wrote:
>> While I agree that Bruno's response was perhaps needlessly snippy, your
>> original question was needlessly inflammatory, as if you somehow wanted
>> some "religious zealot" to act the way Bruno did. If we start labeling
>> people, this thread will earn you a label that rhymes with "roll".
> That is correct. I did word it in a way that would hook the Bruno's of
> the group. But I will probably have some more important questions so I
> will word it differently in the future. Such as: I wish they were not
> getting rid of dict.has_key() in Python 3, which I prefer to IN.
Well, again Python gives you the flexibility to define your own dict 
subclass that has a has_key() method with the obvious implementation.

But why would you want to ignore built-in support like "value in dict"?

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