IDE for Python

Ali aafshar at
Thu Aug 30 11:51:41 CEST 2007

On Aug 21, 11:00 am, Joel Andres Granados <joel.grana... at>
> Hello list:
> I have tried various times to use an IDE for python put have always been
> disapointed.
> I haven't revisited the idea in about a year and was wondering what the
> python people
> use.
> I have also found as a possible solution.  Anyone
> tried it yet?

PIDA (, in my humble opinion, is the One True IDE*.

It will embed the editor of your choice, use the version control
system of your choice, and integrate the tools of your choice. In
short, it integrates your development tools into a single environment.
Hence the tag: "One True IDE".


* Emacs is pretty good at this, but since PIDA can embed Emacs anyway,
and adds features to it...

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