How to replace a method in an instance.

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Mon Aug 27 09:53:27 CEST 2007

kyosohma at a écrit :
> On Aug 22, 12:48 am, Bruno Desthuilliers
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>> kyoso... at a écrit :

>>> Of course, a function in a
>>> class is also know as a method.
>> Less obvious but still wrong !-)
> I wish the authors of the Python books would get a clue then.

I'd think that at least some authors of some Python books would explain 
all this much better than I did. But FWIW, all these rules are clearly 
documented in the Fine Manual.

> I'm not going to help with these class / instance / whatever any more
> and leave it to all you professionals.

How do you think I learned ? One of the big things with usenet is that 
you get a chance to be corrected when you're wrong, and I personnally 
owe a lot of thanks to all the people that corrected me so far and still 
correct me.

> Yes, it you can use self in an outside method, but the way the OP
> asked the question and the nature of the traceback pointed to it just
> being a normal function, 

Indeed, Steve's problem was that the function he attached to his 
instance was *not* wrapped into a method object.

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