Drawing a graph

baalbek rcs at bgoark.no
Sun Aug 19 00:05:27 CEST 2007

Ghirai wrote:
> Hello list,
> I need to draw a graph, 2 axes, 2D, nothing fancy.
> One of the axes is time, the other one is a series of integers.
> I don't care much about the output format.
> Are there any specialized libraries for this, or should i use PIL?
> Thanks.

Hey dude, why don't you just bite the bullet and implement your own 
plotting classes using wxPython? For your need (nothing fancy, as you 
said), relying on your own work is better, and making Python/wxPython 
plots is not really difficult. I myself have implemented a complete 
stock graphing application in Python using wxPython, including 
candlesticks and the works. In the long run, you will be better of 
relying on your own effort/understanding, believe me.

Good luck!


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