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bambam a écrit :
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>> As a side note, in Python, inheritance ...
>> ... should usually not be used for typing.
> :~(
> I'm sorry, I don't even know what that means... The code I
> have inherited from someone only a little more knowledgeable
> than me, and is still full of development artifacts anyway.
> The Pwr and Psp classes inherit from the Device class not
> neccessarily because that is a Good Thing, more because
> the development process led to them being thought of that
> way. All devices have a mixture of common and differing
> attributes.
> What is 'typing'?

Mmm... Most CS experts don't really agree on this, and I'm certainly not 
one (expert). So I won't even try to explain it by myself, and let you 
google for "type system", "static typing", "dynamic typing", "duck 
typing" etc...

Now what I meant here is that in Python, you don't have to make class B 
inherit from class A to let you use an instance of B where an instance 
of A was expected - all you need is that both objects share the set of 
attributes and methods you're going to use. Inheritence is only useful 
for sharing common code.


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