status of Programming by Contract (PEP 316)?

Russ uymqlp502 at
Wed Aug 29 07:21:49 CEST 2007

On Aug 28, 9:35 pm, Steven Bethard <steven.beth... at> wrote:
> Russ wrote:
> > I just stumbled onto PEP 316: Programming by Contract for Python
> > ( This would be a great
> > addition to Python, but I see that it was submitted way back in 2003,
> > and its status is "deferred." I did a quick search on
> > comp.lang.python,
> > but I don't seem to see much on it. Does anyone know what the real
> > status is of getting this into standard Python? Thanks.
> PEP's with "deferred" status typically aren't going into Python any time
> soon, if ever.  Since the due date for all Python 3 core changes is long
> past due, you won't even be seeing it in Python 3.
> Steve

Thanks for that information. That's too bad, because it seems like a
strong positive capability to add to Python. I wonder why the cold
reception. Were there problems with the idea itself or just the
implementation? Or is it just a low priority?

In any case, I guess it is still perfectly usable even if it isn't
part of the core Python. Has anyone used it? If so, how well did it
work? Thanks.

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