The Future of Python Threading

Ant antroy at
Sun Aug 12 00:25:28 CEST 2007

On Aug 11, 5:43 am, Seun Osewa <seun.os... at> wrote:
> > I think I've heard Guido say the last attempt at removing the Global
> > Interpreter Lock (GIL) resulted in a Python that was much slower...
> What is it about Python that makes a thread-safe CPython version much
> slower?  Why doesn'ttrue threading slow down other languages like Perl
> and Java?

I have no idea about Perl - but there's probably some hideous black
magic going on ;-)

As for Java, making code thread safe *does* slow down the code. It is
the very reason that the language designers made the collections API
non-thread safe by default (you have to wrap the standard collections
in a synchronised wrapper to make them thread safe).


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