Stackless Integration

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Thu Aug 9 17:57:57 CEST 2007

"Justin T." <jmtulloss at> wrote in message 
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| I've been looking at stackless python a little bit, and it's awesome.
| My question is, why hasn't it been integrated into the upstream python
| tree? Does it cause problems with the current C-extensions? It seems
| like if something is fully compatible and better, then it would be
| adopted. However, it hasn't been in what appears to be 7 years of
| existence, so I assume there's a reason.

First, which 'stackless'?  The original continuation-stackless (of about 7 
years ago)?  Or the more current tasklet-stackless (which I think is much 
younger than that)?

The original added a feature Guido did not want (continuations) and 
required major changes to the core that would have make maintainance 
probably more difficult for most of the developers, including GvR.  For 
more, see

Second, what do you mean by integration?  The current tasklet version is, I 
am sure, as well integrated as Tismer can make it.  Last I looked, there 
were warnings about possible incompatibilities, but perhaps these have been 
overcome.  It is just not part of the stdlib.  And as far as I know or 
could find in the PEP index, C. Tismer has never submitted a PEP asking 
that it be made so.  Doing so would mean a loss of control, so there is a 
downside as well as the obvious upside of distribution.


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