The Future of Python Threading

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Fri Aug 10 16:38:39 CEST 2007

"Justin T." <jmtulloss at> writes:

> The truth is that the future (and present reality) of almost every
> form of computing is multi-core, and there currently is no effective
> way of dealing with concurrency.

Your post seems to take threading as the *only* way to write code for
multi-core systems, which certainly isn't so.

Last I checked, multiple processes can run concurrently on multi-core
systems. That's a well-established way of structuring a program.

> We still worry about setting up threads, synchronization of message
> queues, synchronization of shared memory regions, dealing with
> asynchronous behaviors, and most importantly, how threaded an
> application should be.

All of which is avoided by designing the program to operate as
discrete processes communicating via well-defined IPC mechanisms.

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