Eclipse/PyDev question

king kikapu aboudouvas at
Mon Aug 13 15:20:51 CEST 2007

Ah, i forgot another one:

as any project evolves, you need to organize it in directories. So, i
have a project named "Dev" and Eclipse has provided me (in Navigator)
with "Dev" and "Src". Inside Src i put my .py files. Let's say that i
want to create a directory there (will i make it in "Src" or in "Dev")
to put other .py files. I tried adding a "Folder", i also tried to add
a "Pydev Source Folder", either way i cannot refer to these files from
a .py located in Src directory with the usual "from folderA
import"...It does not understand the folder structure and i am pretty
sure i am missing something obvious here...

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