Regular expression use

Josef Moellers 5502109103600001 at
Sat Aug 25 12:10:29 CEST 2007

Nick Maclaren wrote:
> For reasons that I won't explain, as they are too complicated
> and not terribly relevant, I am interested in discovering what
> people actually use regular expressions for.  Not the subject
> domain, but the construction of the regular expressions.
> I know about computer scientists and parsing, and I know about
> the use of relatively simple ones for things like extracting
> HTML links from Web pages.  But I don't have much feel for the
> (probably rare but difficult) uses of more complex ones for
> other purposes.  I have heard of several such uses, but don't
> have an overall idea of what is going on.
> Any pointers appreciated, to more-or-less anything.

I just don't get what you're after!
Lots of data is available in text form, so sifting though it requires 
regular expressions.
A better question would be: what do you use Perl for, as I'd say most 
Perl programs utilize REs at some point or the other.
But IIRC we've had that thread already.

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