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Sun Aug 19 17:55:22 CEST 2007

On Aug 18, 7:22 pm, "Aaron" <cajnnjo... at>
> Hello all.
> I realize that proposals dealing with alternatives to indentation  have been
> brought up (and shot down) before, but I would like to take another stab at
> it, because it is rather important to me.
> I am totally blind, and somewhat new to Python.  I put off learning Python
> for a long time, simply because of the indentation issue.  There is no easy
> way for a screenreader user, such as my self, to figure out how much a
> particular line of code is indented.  A sited person simply looks down the
> column to make sure that everything lines up.  I, on the other hand,
> generally find my self counting a lot of spaces.
> Naturally, there are many other special circumstances in which depending on
> whitespace is impractical, but they have already been mentioned in previous
> threads on the topic, so I won't bother rehashing them.
> Borrowing from another proposal, I would submit that the opening block and
> closing block markers could be _{ and }_ respectively.  If it seems that
> there is even a modicum of support, I'll write up a more complete proposal.
> But in short, an _{ will signify to the interpreter that one level of
> indentation is to be added to the current level, that all the statements
> that follow (until the closing _}) are to be understood to be at that level,
> and that all whitespace at the beginning of lines, or lack there of, is to
> be ignored.
> I realize that this would result in some esthetically ugly code, and so
> naturally a simple tool to convert this type of block indication back to
> "normal indented format" should also be developed.
> Any thoughts or suggestions?
> I sincerely hope that this proposal can be given some serious consideration,
> and not simply dismissed as sacrilege.  There are many blind programmers,
> and I would hate to see them opt to learn other languages simply because of
> this one issue.
> Thanks.
> Aaron
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Oh wow. it never crossed my mind...

Can screen reaaderss be customized?
Maybe their is a way to get the screen reader to say indent and dedent
at thee appropriate places?
Or maybe a filter to put those wordds into the source?

- Paddy.

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