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CarpeSkium at wrote:
> On Aug 17, 2:34 pm, Peter Otten <__pete... at> wrote:
>>  CarpeSk... at wrote:
>>> "I've parsed a webpage into a text file. In doing so, I've kept all
>>> the text I'm interested in, and removed all the text I don't want. My
>>> result is a text file that iscomma-separated. However, the text file
>>> is one, very long, single string. I need to substitute every eighth
>>> (8th)commawith a new line ("\n"). I've tried regular expressions,
>>> but don't know how to make this happen on only every eighthcomma. I'd
>>> post my code, but none of it works. Thanks for the help."
>>>>> text = "aaa," * 20
>>>>> from itertools import cycle, groupby
>>>>> print "\n".join(",".join(g) for k, g in groupby(text.split(","),
>> ...     key=lambda key, c=cycle([True]*8+[False]*8):
>> aaa,aaa,aaa,aaa,aaa,aaa,aaa,aaa
>> aaa,aaa,aaa,aaa,aaa,aaa,aaa,aaa
>> aaa,aaa,aaa,aaa,
>> :-)
>> Peter
> Thanks Peter. I'll try that first thing Monday morning when I'm back
> to work. It
> is a totally different approach than what I was trying with regex.
> And Shawn, I didn't post any of my work because the network I work on
> isn't
> connected to the internet. So it didn't seem constructive to re-type
> all of my
> failed code just to satisfy your "standards" of proving that I've been
> trying to
> hack this myself for the past few days. All in all, thanks for your,
> uhhhh,
> constructive comments.
Aah, right, and the USB thumb drive won't be invented for another 20 
years. Damn.

Sorry, been reading too much Damn that Michael Foord ...

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