wxPython before MainLoop

david david at nospam.spam
Tue Aug 14 05:19:35 CEST 2007

Steve, it wasn't me that raised the comparison
with MFC. If you don't think that's a helpful
comparison, why not reply to that post instead?

I don't mind Björn's suggestion that I don't
know what I'm talking about, because I started
it by telling him he was wrong.

But you don't have that excuse.


Steve Holden wrote:
> [david] wrote:
>> Well yes, I have tried this app with native windows,
>> and I know how to do it.
>> But if all wxPython can offer is a poor imitation
>> of MFC, I'm better off using MFC aren't I?
>> And too all those people who wrote back to insist
>> that users MUST explicitly build a multi-threaded
>> framework for wxPython:
>> It's supposed to already be a framework :~)
> The answer is simple. If you don't see any advantage to using wxPython 
> then don't use it. Personally I believe wxPython is far from a poor 
> imitation of MFC, but if you are already familiar with MFC then go ahead 
> and use it.
> regards
>  Steve

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