[pygame] pyweek is happening august 02 - august 09

Luke Paireepinart rabidpoobear at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 21:25:29 CEST 2007

Laura Creighton wrote:
> 00:00 UTC 2007-09-02 to 00:00 UTC 2007-09-09 exactly.  See
> www.pyweek.org
> PyconUK is happening.  http://www.pyconuk.org/ 8th and 9th September.
> This means that those of us who generally do not see each other but are
> going to PyconUK could put together an entry and then sprint together
> on it before PyCon UK.  There would be this terrible torment -- do
> I attend the con or get my game to work -- but it is still the
> best chance some of us have to work together yet.
> Talk to me if you are interested in maybe making a PyconUK pygame
> team.  I think that this could be a lot of fun.  Sign up on
> www.pyweek.org if you think so, as well.  But mail me.
> John -- assuming we want to meet up _before_ PyConUK -- can that
> work?  Can you point us at a cheap hostel for a few days?
> Laura Creighton
Laura - Pyweek is happening the first week in September, not august.
Thanks for giving me a good scare, thinking i missed the first half already!

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