yet another indentation proposal

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Sun Aug 19 18:22:14 CEST 2007

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> Oh wow. it never crossed my mind...
> Can screen reaaderss be customized?
> Maybe their is a way to get the screen reader to say indent and dedent
> at thee appropriate places?
> Or maybe a filter to put those wordds into the source?
> - Paddy.

Interestingly enough, there is a feature in my screenreader that purports to 
do just that, but it has proven unreliable at best.  I think a filter to 
insert an indent indicator at the beginning of each line would not be too 
practical, as it would make copy and paste operations from one indentation 
level to another rather tedious (you'd have to add or remove one or more 
indicators from each line of code).

Finally, just to be clear, I do not want to change the way 99.9% of Python 
code is written.  I feel that the indentation model is a good one for 99.9% 
of users.  What I do want to do is simply give the Python interpreter a tiny 
bit more flexibility to handle code from users or environments where 
indentation is not possible or practical.


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