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milan_sanremo wrote:
> On Aug 13, 8:06 pm, Steve Holden <st... at> wrote:
>> milan_sanremo wrote:
>>> I've read the documentation on os.chmod() and can implement all the
>>> standard commands, but what is the syntax for the equivalent of chmod g
>>> + to set the group id?
>> I assume when you say "to set the group id" you actually mean "to assert
>> the setgid bit"? I further presume that when you say "chmod g+" you
>> actually mean "chmod g+s".
> The g+s was an omission on my part.  I can see how it would confuse
> the issue.
> I'm not sure if I mean "to assert the setgid bit".  My SUN docs refer
> to it being 'on'.
>> You can't have read the documentation very thoroughly. It says right at
>> the top:
> I did see this in the documentation:
> Change the mode of path to the numeric mode. mode may take one of the
> following values (as defined in the stat module) or bitwise or-ed
> combinations of them:
>     * S_ISUID
>     * S_ISGID
> Which refers to:
> After which it was still unclear.
> My question is in the command os.chmod(myDirectory, ?) what is the
> value for ? to turn on the setgid bit.
> Contrary to your presumption, I did read the documentation
> thoroughly.  It is inability to understand the concept which prompted
> me to post the question here.
Well, you don't tell us what (if anything) you have tried so far. Python 
has an interpreter that's very easy to use interactively. Why don't you try

     os.chmod(my_directory, os.S_ISGID)

and see if it does what you want? You can often save time by trying such 
things for yourself. Though it needn't be a substitute for asking 
questions on this list, it can make your questions better-informed.

In this particular case, now I understand your needs a little better, 
since you want to *add* a bit setting you will likely have to use 
something like

     current_permissions = os.fstat(my_directory).ST_MODE

to read the directory's current permission bits. Then you will need to 

     os.chmod(my_directory, current_permissions | stat.S_ISGID)

Please don't take this as gospel, though, as I am currently on the road 
with only a Windows computer available, but I think it should get you 
closer to where you want to be.

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