Where we need to use Python ?

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Mon Aug 20 15:22:28 CEST 2007

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| And Is it a interpreted language or a programming language
| It comes in which category

Python is an algorithm programming language.

The CPython implementation of the langauge compiles Python to proprietary 
byte code and then interprets the byte code.
The Jython implementation compiles to javacode which is then handled 
however by a Java runtime.
The IronPython implementation compiles to the .NET language handled by the 
.NET runtime.
The PyPy implementation acts similarly to CPython, I believe, but can also 
compile a subset of the language to C or other low level languages that can 
be compiled to object code.  There are other projects that compile subsets, 
possible with additional instructions to the compiler.

Do visit www.python.org and take a look around.  The documentation section 
has a tutorial that will give an experienced programmer a good overview in 
just a few hours.


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